Asterios vs loki familia

For the first portion of the episode, when he was supposed to be attracting the attention of the Loki Familia, all he did was slowly walk around town on his own. The Hestia Familia already knows that the townspeople have been evacuated.

So why not use that to their advantage and cause some destruction? Honestly, I have no idea who this is. Naza is a prime example of this. Though, I will say that having a lot of characters does make Orario feel bigger. A small cast might not be as interesting in a series like this, but it would certainly make it easier to keep track of characters. But when she was spying, gathering information, and otherwise working as an undercover operative earlier in this season, I figured that she was just wearing disguises.

My bad. I thought that she would just wear a cloak and run around shouting about monster sightings. Instead, she actually becomes the monsters and leads adventurers away from their posts.

And speaking of all those magic items, I do like how they were used here. Specifically, using the ice magic swords to create barriers is a pretty unique way to accomplish their goal.

They look and play the part. And my favorite member of the Loki Familia is probably Gareth — the dwarf. So, will we get to see a great fight between him and Mikoto and Welf? The current arc has set up the Hestia Familia vs. There are definitely going to be some fights, such as maybe Bell vs. Bell vs. Dix and the Loki Familia vs. Asterius were both good fights. But they also each lasted maybe 20 seconds. III episode 10? And which characters would you like to see a fight between?

Let me know in the comments. To learn more about how you too can become a supporter of this blog, check out Patreon. My review of the next episode is available here. Lilli using her transformation magic. Gareth Landrock.

Leave a Comment Cancel reply. All content on this site is written by myself DoubleSama. For business inquiries and feedback purposes, contact: info doublesama. Home Blog Archives. Changelog Privacy Policy.DanMachi continues to raise the stakes as Bell's involvement with the Xenos put him in more and more danger of being ostracized by the rest of Orario.

Indeed, as things unfold in Episode 8 of Season 3, Bell's choices look like they'll be catching up with him soon. The episode opens up on an injured Dix making his way to the surface. As he curses both Bell and the Xenos, Asterius, a massive Black Rhinos Xenoscatches him off guard and instantly takes him out before making his way to the surface. Bell proceeds with his plan to protect Wiene from the Loki Familia by claiming her as his prey and pursuing her through Orario. Before they can react, though, the Loki Familia are confronted by many of the Xenos who escaped the previous encounter with the Ikelos Familia.

They overwhelm the aggressive Xenos but are soon pushed back when Asterius shows up. Asterius wreaks havoc on most of the Loki Familia before using a magic ax to paralyze some of their strongest fighters.

Ais gets involved before he can do more damage, severely wounding the Xenos by cutting off his arm. Asterius still retaliates, landing a massive blow on Ais, causing the rest of the Loki Familia to intervene. Their efforts ultimately fall short as the Hermes Familia use smoke bombs to create a diversion and help the Xenos escape. As Bell chases the still-berserk Wieneother adventurers around town try to stop her.

Bell vs Asterius (An Theseus and Odysseus Adventure)

Bell tries to chase them off with Firebolts, but Wiene eventually finds her way into a trap where she takes heavy damage. Bell approaches her as she begins to snap out of her hypnosis, but Gran, Dix's right-hand man, critically wounds her with a piece of Dix's spear before being killed by Gros.

The ground below Bell and Wiene gives out and the two fall down back into the labyrinth. Bell returns the stone to Wiene's forehead and restores her humanoid form.

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Still critically wounded, Wiene thanks Bell for his kindness and tells him that she loves him before passing. Fels decides to try and revive Wiene and the spell lets out a massive light seen throughout Orario.

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Seeing that it's worked, Bell and the rest of the Xenos celebrate Wiene's return. Afterward, Bell runs into Eina and she physically and verbally reprimands him for putting the people around him in danger. But as Eina's encounter with Bell insinuates, the fallout from the events that transpired likely spells bad news for Bell and the rest of his familia.

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By Adriano Valente Nov 26, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. The 10 Best Action Anime Updated Boruto: The Manga's Top 5 Moments of Magi Creators' Orient Vol.Asterius is a large Xenos, described to be more than two meters tall, with jet black hide, red horns, boulder like muscles, and wears full plate armor that's somewhat small for his size, making it seem like light armor.

Asterius has a love for battle, often grinning when fighting multiple opponents, especially if they are strong. Ryuu noticed that he had a desire to fight rather than to kill like normal monsters. Besides this, he is also shown to be very protective of his fellow Xenos, going so far as to fight off the Loki Familia in order to protect them from further harm. He has a deep interest in Belldue to their battle on the 9th Floor during his previous life, and considers each other to be rivals.

Despite his lust for battle, he himself knows he is no match for Ottar. Asterius was originally the Minotaur that Ottar trained for Bell to fight. It was unintentionally released and ultimately defeated by the boy.

Bell vs Asterius (An Theseus and Odysseus Adventure)

He is mentioned by Lyd to be the strongest Xenos and is strong enough to easily defeat high level opponents like Shakti. It was also able to hold its own against TioneTiona and Bete. Finn noted that Asterius was relying more on its ability rather than technique, but added that it would be as strong as Ottar if it properly trained its technique.

High Resilience : Asterius' body is highly resilient to attacks, capable of not receiving any damage from the Ganesha Familia 's attacks, and was able to withstand a berserk Tione's attacks. Depending on the target, it can either knock them unconscious or make them lose the will to fight. Equipment : Asterius wields a huge double bladed battle axe and wears full plate armor.

asterios vs loki familia

The plate armor is somewhat small for his body size, making it seem like light armor. It is powerful enough to damage Level 6 adventurers despite some of its power being absorbed by Bete's Frosvirt. Originally it belonged to Hashanabut it was eventually acquired by Asterius, who lost it when his arm was cut off.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.What is it? An image of the young white haired boy filled the orb. The boy zoomed through hordes of monsters, he swiftly eliminated the enemy vanguard. Loki Familia pursued along with the Freya Familia, they broke through into the forest. They made their way through the trees and found an open area. The edge of the forest interlaced with an open beach area.

The beach encompassed the rather large lake, the lake expanded far beyond what the eye could have seen. Since Bell had yet to have determined how far the island was from the mainland, he decided to build a raft.

They found some fallen trees and rolled the four logs into a single spot. Bell removed both a rope and some salamander wool, he wrapped the rope around the four logs, however, the rope needed to be tied, Bell struggled and struggled but he had forgotten how Odysseus had done it.

He found three thin logs and rolled them towards the beach, where he left aside the thinnest log and formed a mast with the other two. Bell pulled out the Hestia knife and carved the larger side of the log into an oar. He sailed off towards the island, he held out the map and continued eastwards.

He managed to find the island, stood before him was a labyrinth. Bell approached the maze fully prepared for anything, however, he quickly lost his directions, he slowly retraced his steps towards the entrance. Bell steadily progressed towards the center of the labyrinth. He encountered his greatest rival, the minotaur, Asterius. They stared each other down and Bell noticed Ais laid unconscious in the corner. He called out to her and she never responded.

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Bell was infuriated, he looked at the minotaur and calmed down. He inhaled and exhaled, he removed both of his knives and readied into a combat stance. The bull charged at him, fully prepared, Bell cast firebolt at the ground and propelled himself into the air. Not deep enough.

The blade was the length of a normal sword, he grabbed the handle with both hands. Asterius plunged his fist into the ground retrieved a large sword which felt reminiscent of their first fight. This was the fight I was looking for!Light Novel Asterius self. Now I know that he was classified to be on par with level 7 adventurers with Finn stating that if properly trained he would be on par with Ottar.

The fact that he defeated most of Loki familia and nearly beat Tiona, Bete and forced Aiz to unconsciously use her skill but for some reason was on equal footing with Bell who is much weaker compared to them seems a bit unrealistic.

Finally he is the reincarnation of the Minotaur that Bell defeated on the 9th floor which happened 3 months before the Xenos arc, Bell's level up speed is slow compared to Asterius and that's saying something. Geez assuming he was reincarnated right away just how fast did he power up to become something like that or is the fact that he is inherently a monster helps him in becoming stronger.

Well Asterius didn't reincarnate as the same monster. He stayed in the minotaur category, but he reincarnated as a black rhino. According to the wiki, with data from Sword Art Oratorio v1, black rhinos appear on level I think Bell's growth is faster than any monster could achieve.

It's only in this case where the monster swapped bodies into a higher tier. Udaeus who is a floor 37 boss is basically level 6, so should I guess that level 51 monsters are higher level 6 closing to level 7 in terms of strength. I'm assuming black rhino is a normal enemy on that floor, but not a boss. So probably a monster a mid level 5 could 1v1. However as a xeno he trained and became mid level 6. Well that's not true since the monsters that spawn in floor 37 are level 4 monsters.

Udaeus is a Monster Rex level 6 and black rhino are normal monsters that spawn everytime and don't need a certain interval to spawn like monster Rex.

asterios vs loki familia

The largest of the five species is the white rhino, which can grow to 1. In volume 8 about page it's mentioned that a black minotaur was seen in the dungeon just after Bell became level 2 and that the highest a "armored monster" was seen is level 20 just 3 floors below where minotaurs spawn as opposed to the 51st floor where black rhinos spawn and only Loki or Freya familias would be likely go. Asterois is probably just a minotaur otherwise it doesn't make sense for Bell to get Oxslayer from his fight, and it wouldn't work against Asterois in their next fight.

People originally thought Asterius was a black minotaur, as most people haven't been to the 51st floor, or had the guild teach them what is there. Finn was the one who identified it.

The dialog between him an Aiz when seeing it is. Narrator: Finn noticed Aiz looked anxious to hoin the fight, and theorizing that the creature was an Irregular from the deep levels. So not even Finn or Aiz know exactly what species Asterius is, but Finn the most knowledgeable adventurer, is probably right.

From then on Black Rhino slowly gains more usage. Keep in mind that this is a translation, a language and thematic one. A Japanese reinterpretation of Greek myths and modified to be similar to certain real world animals. Asterius is a black bipedal armored monster with horns wielding axes. Whether the basis is an ox, rhino, moose, or bear, the monster is none of these. I assume he tries to. Magic stones frequently break during combat.

asterios vs loki familia

Moss huge is normally floor 24 monster. The one in vol. Asterios hunts in the deep levels though so the magic stones would be a lot more potent. I think he respawned as a normal minotaur then worked his way down while eating stones until he evolved into the black variant. They would be more potent, but also carried by much stronger enemies.

asterios vs loki familia

Xenos do get targeted by normal monsters and have to take care not to get swarmed and die. It would be difficult to take time to eat crystals without a party supporting him. My internal narrative is: He spawned in the deep levels.Melissa, France Iceland Winter World, February 2016 Thank you so much for everything. It was an amazing tour (my first but not my last). My consultant was very nice and helpful, trying always to arrange me in all situations.

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